Suzail is the capital of Cormyr and the seat of power. It is named after Suzara Obarskyr, the mother of the first king. It was orginally the farm of Ondeth Obarskyr, the father of the first king. Suzail is a large port city on the shores of lake Dragonmere. A person or item originating from Suzail is known as Suzailan.

Animal pelts from the Thunder Peaks and the Storm Horns did very good business in Suzail as of 1368 DR.[5]

History: Suzail began as a farmstead in 6 DR when Ondeth Obarskyr and his immediate family settled there. Others soon joined the new settlement and by 16 DR the population had grown to 350, having become a port a year earlier with the construction of the first dock.

Between 376 DR and 432 DR, Suzail was affected by a plague brought from the merchants of Marsember, and many people died, despite the efforts of the priests. Once the priests had almost exhausted their healing spells, they reserved them for their own use, and were consequently slaughtered by the peoples of Suzail. Only priests of Talona survived, but they merely further spread the plague.

Around 429 DR, Suzail was sold to Magrath the Minotaur, a pirate lord, for 500 sacks of gold, by Melineth Turcassan, father-in-law to King Duar Obarskyr, who was away fighting orcs at the time. The city’s treasury was plundered and Magrath assumed its rule. Magrath was later defeated by King Duar and the city returned to normal.

In 1018 DR, much of Suzail was set ablaze by three red dragons. The docks and the lower wards were worst affected because of their wooden construction. The garrison of the city were able to defeat all three dragons, but Thauglor soon arrived, demolishing part of Castle Obarskyr and setting it on fire. In all, half of Suzail was destroyed in the attack and a third of its population was wiped out, in addition to extensive damage to the castle.

Places of interest Government:Castle Obarskyr The castle of the King of Cormyr. Inns and taverns:The Laughing Lass A tavern that operates as a festhall on warm nights. The Golden Goblin The Hidden Lady The Dragon’s Jaws Originally a tavern, it has recently started renting out rooms thus becoming an Inn The Leaning Post A quiet, good Inn The Nightgate Inn Shaliber’s Ship A Leaky cog permantly moored at Bolliver’s Wharf. The Six Candies The Wailing Wheel


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